“You can measure success in many different ways.
But in this game, the best way is to find out what the riders we’ve coached have got from the whole experience.”

From the nervous novice to the seasoned international, find out what some of the riders who have been coached by Warren and what they have to say about The Lamperd Method.

'Great lesson today with the awesome Warren Lamperd!! since Warren has been coaching Ollie and I we have grown in confidence, I was a nervous wreck before riding my young horse and now there's no stopping me, I've grown to love jumping again!! Thanks Warren!'


‘I bought my horse Carter a year ago and had fallen in love with this beautiful boy... However, once I had him at home he started to test me on everything (he was only 4). I wanted to find someone who had the ability to try and bring me and Carter together in a partnership. I'd had a few other instructors, and then found Warren. He was clear, concise and made it simple to understand. It suddenly all made sense. I had years of being instructed by various levels of coaches but in this one session, 20 years all came together! We both have to work hard, but at the end of a lesson both Carter and I are flying. We are both lucky to have found Warren, who has been nothing but supportive and is clear in what he wants from us. Cam and I are really looking forward to competition success under Warren’s watchful eye!’


‘I have been having lessons with Warren for the last 3 years. I took Spotty to him as I was recommended him by a friend. I cannot thank him enough for the changes he has made to me as a rider, which have also now been reflected in my horse. When we first met, Spotty downright refused to go cross country - stopping before even getting close to the jumps. Through building mine and Spotty’s confidence and improving my position, we have had many successes, including qualifying for the BRC BE80 Championships where we finished 11th. Warren keeps sessions fun, but also knows when to push you and your horse for more. He has a fantastic way of explaining everything and I would never have anyone else teach me now.’

‘Warren’s always clear with his directions, explaining the 'why' as well as the 'how.' Understanding the reasons behind the training, and not just how it’s done, has made me progress. He’s passionate about his coaching and takes pains to ensure I’ve grasped what’s being asked of me. Warren also has a natural horsemanship, which is envious to watch, heightens my respect, and enables me to learn more.’


‘Warren has more of a consultative style to equestrian coaching and really notices the mood of the rider. He sees the bigger picture - what I am doing with my horse on a competition level, and if I am having any problems with him. What I like, is that he focuses on what I’m doing as a rider, rather than assuming the horse is doing something wrong - which leads to great improvement. He’s good at fixing problems, analysing what’s gone wrong and why, and how to improve things. Warren’s very good at understanding rider/horse capability and is dedicated to stretching that capability all the time - without overfacing or losing the confidence of horse and rider. I also like the fact that he doesn’t offer praise readily. When you get praise you know you really deserve it!’


‘Hi Warren, took the horses to Merrist Wood clear round last night.... Like having two new shiny horses! I can't believe the difference in such a short time. I'm over the moon.’